Project actions

The LIFE ECO-PULPLAST project aims to demonstrate the applicability at industrial scale of an innovative technology for the recycling of pulper waste produced by paper mills of the Lucca Paper District, in order to produce new plastic compounds and products.
This results will be achieved with the following actions and means:

  • design, realization and testing of a demonstration site for the processing of pulper waste and the production of new plastic compounds and plastic euro-pallets;
  • testing and evaluation of the different process phases of the production line and required upgrades and improvements;
  • technical support during pilot operation, including quantitative analysis and testing on physical/mechanical and chemical properties of input materials, compounds developed and europallets manufactured in the demonstration line;
  • development of a complete business plan to assess the economic viability of the application at full industrial scale and the market opportunities of the new industrial products;
  • evaluation and periodic update of the LIFE ECO-PULPLAST environmental, economic and social impacts;
  • development of a business model to assess the replicability of the technology on the Italian territory and its transferability to similar contexts in other European countries;
  • dissemination and promotion of the project approach and outcomes at national and European level thanks to the partners network contacts.