Sicily - Zero Waste Tour with Paul Connett

Tuesday, 30 May, 2017

On May 25, Prof. Paul Connett, Professor of Environmental Chemistry at St. Lawrence University in New York and worldwide promoter of the Zero Waste strategy, began his conference tour in Sicily.

The tour landed in Catania, Augusta, Paternò and Bagheria, and was organized by Zero Waste Italy and the Zero Waste Research Center of Capannori, in collaboration with other associations and local institutions and took place at the same time of G7 in Taormina.

The focus of Prof. Connett meetings was the scarcity of raw materials, which is the main reason for fights and conflicts. Zero Waste and Circular Economy are a "fleet", not only from the environmental point of view in terms of preserving resources, but also as means of peace and justice. Reducing waste thus becomes an opportunity for reconciliation with the planet and among people, as well as the response to the dramatic disposal of plastics in the seas.

During the meeting in Augusta, Patrizia Lo Sciuto, Vice President at Zero Waster Italy, presented Life ECO PULPLAST project, example of local circular economy based on an innovative approach for recycling paper industry pulper waste into new eco-sustainable plastic pallets.