Life Eco-Pulplast at MIAC 2017

Monday, 16 October, 2017

The Life-Eco-Pulplast project was discussed at MIAC 2017 during the COMIECO RECYCLING meeting on October 13, "The quality of paper for recycling for the competitiveness of the paper chain in Europe's circular economy".
Comieco, the National Consortium for Recovery and Recycling of Cellulosica based Packaging, participated in the main International Exhibition of Paper Industry (MIAC) with a focus on circular economy and reuse, priority issues for the industrial chain, discussing it with the Italian and European actors.
The development of the circular economy puts raw material quality among the priorities, as it undoubtedly represents a competitive factor in the recycling industry.
The Italian industrial paper recycling industry is adopting operational procedures to ensure quality paper standards, in line with the guidelines of the Confederation of the European Paper Industry (CEPI).

Enrico Fontana, Director of Lucense, and Rossano Ercolini, President of Zero Waste Europe, offered their point of view on the theme, illustrating Life Ecopulplast, the pilot project for the recycling of pulper waste materials financed by Life Program of the European Unit.


9.30 Registration
10.00 Roberto Di Molfetta – Comieco, Improving quality of the paper and board municipal collection in Italy
10.20 Lydia Tempel - PTS Paper, Equipments and methods to guarantee the quality of paper for recycling in Europe
10.40 Massimo Medugno - Assocarta, The Italian procedure to guarantee the quality to paper mills

11.15 Forum: The quality of secondary material a priority to develop the circular economy
• Andrea Madrigali Herambiente: methods of collection and quality
• Enzo Scalia Benfante Group: sorting plants to guarantee a secondary material
• Stefano Andreotti DS Smith Paper Italia Srl: the fibre tester experience
• Andrea Bortoli Cartiere Modesto Cardella: waste from recycling waste
• E. Fontana – Lucense, R. Ercolini - Zero Waste Europe: Life Ecopulplast, a pilot project for the material recovery of paper recycling waste

Final remarks: Alessandro Bratti - Deputy of the Italian Parliament
Chairman Carlo Montalbetti - Comieco

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